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Project Identity was founded in 2012  by Tiera Carpenter. Her vision was to create a safe place of learning and expression for underprivileged girls. For the first 4 years Tiera partnered with middle and high schools to provide after school workshops for the young ladies that focused on  building stronger self esteem, hygiene practices, etiquette, and teaching coping skills to deal with stressors that may impact their mental health. The girls were also were encouraged to participate in community service events.

Going into the 5th year she decided to broaden the reach of Project Identity to include young adult women as well. Project Identity hosted it first Single Mom day retreat in 2017.  

In 2022, Project Identity expanded its mission again to include all women of all ages when they hosted their first annual  Wellness Women's Summit.

It it the vision of Project Identity to continue expansion throughout the world.

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