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Everything in life is connected and when it comes to the struggles we encounter, everything flows together. Whether its relationships, health, finances our careers, chances are if one area is suffering it will affect all areas.

The opposite is also true. When we makes positive changes in a single area, it spreads to the others.

Through my own struggle in life, I was fortunate enough to experience the impact of life coaching and decided to become certified in order to help others to take ownership of their lives their lives and create an ideal future on their own terms, using proven techniques, tools and strategies.

My mission is to see everyone win and rediscover their true selves.




The goals of grief coaching is to help the individual work through the feelings of denied grief and also help individuals cope with addiction issues and codependent relationships.


The goal of TR coaching  is to help functioning individuals set and achieve goals, overcome obstacles and maintain  motivation,  while trying to move past trauma that they have suffered as a child or an adult.


Making the decision to hire a coach is one of the most powerful ways to fulfill your goals. Coaching has the ability to chaos, create a new vision for yourself, and get unstuck in various areas of life.

What is the difference between a therapist and a coach?
Therapist are like trauma surgeons, emergency room personnel and paramedics of the mental health and well  being community.  Coaches have fully stocked first aid kits and skills to put into good use, but they are not physicians.

A coach walks alongside their client to brainstorm, provide information, and examine potential decisions. A therapist can do all of these things, but they often also need to intervene at a deeper level to direct care, prescribe behavior and make choices on behalf of their client. A coach never takes that much control over a client's life. Guide and encourage, yes. Command direction, never.

How is the coaching done?
Identity coaching offers both individual and group coaching. Coaching can be done face to face as well as through video or phone.

What is my next step?
Please fill in your information o the form below . we will contact you to set up an appointment for your free 30 minute consultation to see if our coaching services are right for you.

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